It’s the air we breathe

In 2008, the Clean Air Law was a major milestone in environmental protection in Israel. Drafted and promoted relentlessly over several years by Adam Teva V’Din, this was our first legislation with the overall goal of protecting human health.  The Environmental Protection Ministry is soon to release a report showing the law’s cost benefits in saving Israeli lives from air pollution related diseases.

It’s the air we breathe

“Currently, we are working with the inter-ministerial review board on updating and strengthening the law,” says Dr. Arye Vanger. “At our insistence, this second 5-year review includes our 9-part proposal on innovative tools for managing air pollution and its sources.” 

Adam Teva V’Din’s proposal defines for the first time, limits on ecosystem damage arising from pollutant emissions.

Our objective in participating in the review process is to ensure that any revisions in the Clean Air Law take into account projections on population growth, climate change mitigation and changing land-use patterns that bring industries closer to residential areas.

Tammy Ganot, attorney and policy director at Adam Teva V’Din was a young lawyer on the Clean Air team seeking support for the bill.  “In addition to serving the public interest as a legislative instrument, the Clean Air Law sent a powerful message to authorities and industries alike: people expect to be protected from environmental hazards, and Adam Teva V’Din will demand it on the public’s behalf.”