It’s not trash, it’s a resource

“Israel must relate to waste as an economic resource to be reused and recycled,” is the credo of Adam Teva V’Din’s solid waste team. 

Asaf Rosenblum, Adam Teva V’Din attorney behind several of Israel's recycling laws says it is crucial that the Ministry of Environmental Protection bring into law a national waste strategy that takes into account population growth, economic development and shrinking land resources.

It’s not trash, it’s a resource

“Our government loves to apply technological solutions to all environmental dilemmas. But our view – backed up by the national forum of solid waste operators – is that incineration must be one of three pathways at a maximum of 30%, while prioritizing recycling (50%) and landfilling at 20%.“  

Amiad Lapidot, Adam Teva V’Din expert on sustainability points out that nearly 2 million tons of organic waste could be re-used as agricultural compost. “As a small country with limited resources, we have to make maximum use of what we have”.

Adam Teva V’Din is pushing for national waste strategy to run to 2050 to allow for consistent policies and development of a circular waste economy. “I know as a former officer in IDF submarines that a change of course is always achievable; it takes time, but it can be done."