Mining minerals

Israel’s natural resources are economic assets providing hundreds of jobs. Yet industrial extraction of potash and other minerals at the Dead Sea has accelerated the unique site’s environmental degradation.

“Our grandkids may never experience the awesome natural beauty of the Dead Sea,” says Leehee Goldenberg, attorney.

Mining minerals

Adam Teva V’Din is in court against Israel Chemicals Corporation seeking improved environmental practices and oversight at its Dead Sea factory.

“We are also participating in the Knesset’s review of the franchise law that runs out in 2030; the law dates from 1950s.  Adam Teva V’Din wants the new law to rank environmental accountability very high.”

Adam Teva V’Din is suing the Environmental Protection Ministry for failing – over a decade – to sanction ICC for systematic failures at its Ashalim phosphates plant; a spill last year dumped 100,000 cubic meters of acidic wastes into the desert and groundwater.