Strategic environmental advocacy

Adam Teva V'Din-Israel Union for Environmental Defense is a non-profit public interest association of lawyers, scientists, urban planners and communications experts working as strategic advocates for a better environment.


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Founded in 1990, Adam Teva V’Din has made notable contributions to environmental protection in Israel. It is recognized by lawmakers, the business sector and the public for its accomplishments in environmental law, legislative precedents, and for its broad-based engagement with businesses, municipalities and civil society.


With a staff of 25 and an annual budget of around $1.5 million, Adam Teva V’Din is addressing the key environmental challenges Israel faces at a time of rapid economic and demographic growth.


Our priority advocacy programs focus on sustainable management of national planning, energy, waste, water and natural resources while upholding the rights of all Israelis to live in non-toxic environments with access to public transport and open spaces.

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