Partnering with local activists

Partnerships with community activists bolster our advocacy impacts. They empowers people to be involved in decisions shaping their local environment and quality of life.


“Our partners are from all sectors and socio-economic levels, from Nahariya to Ashdod, to East Jerusalem and Nof Yam, “ adds Yael Dori. “Our goal is always to get communities involved; it’s the most effective way of relieving pressure on stressed neighborhoods.”

“We’ve been working for communities for 20 years,” says Yael Dori. “We provide all of our professional services pro bono and grassroots groups also raise their own funds to hire additional expertise if needed.” 


Some partnerships last for years and run the full course of planning objections, appeals, and lawsuits up to the Supreme Court. Adam Teva V’Din usually works with five or six communities, in depth and for long periods.