Coastline protection

The optimal ‘breathing space’ for all Israelis – secular, religious, and minorities – are the beaches of the Mediterranean coastline. Yet there is constant pressure from real estate investors, municipalities, and tourism operators to build on every square centimeter.

The Tourism Ministry has not internalized the need for ‘sustainable’ management of the coastal strip. “Europeans have recognized the negative impact of the ‘sea wall effect’ on the urban fabric of coastal towns,” says Eli Ben Ari, senior attorney.

While pushing lawmakers to reach resolution of the threat of 50 pending construction plans on coastal towns, Adam Teva V’Din is cooperating with the Planning Authority on drafting revisions to the coastal development master plan. Involved in this are senior officials of the Tourism Ministry.

“We crossed swords on coastal development in court last year.  Now we’re shifting our tactics from adversarial advocacy to direct dialogue on how to relieve stress on one of Israel’s most loved land resources.”