We are FIE

We are the Friends of Israel’s Environment.


We’re a dedicated bunch of Americans who, like you, want what’s best for Israel.


We believe that strong and sustainable environmental protections are the building blocks for a thriving economy, healthy and safe communities and a vibrant democracy and civil society.

About us

Building a safe, clean and healthy Israel

Environmental protection is not a luxury. It is a matter of survival - it is the super glue which makes Israel the place we know and love.


For us, Israel is also about community and belonging, shared values, a vibrant democracy and strong civil society. We believe that environmental action rejuvenates and empowers Israeli communities, fosters civic and social identity and breaks down barriers.


By supporting the work of Adam Teva V’Din, Israel’s leading environmental advocacy organization, we are helping to improve the lives of Israelis throughout the country in a powerful and meaningful way.


We are helping to:

  • Create a chemical-free everyday environment
  • Balance urban development with the need to protect quality of life, parks, heritage sites and green open spaces
  • Promote innovative recycling and clean energy solutions
  • Empower Israelis to have a say in decisions affecting their communities. 

YOU can too!


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